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PHP Syck, Part 2


Yesterday I wrote about updating PHP’s YAML-parsing extension — Syck.

Some updates:

  • I believe, I fixed all memory leaks, it had (They were quite large, must tell you)

  • Why (Syck’s author) told me, that there will be new release in a month or so, which will include my patches

Until then, I encourage you to build php-extension using sources from subversion

Instructions (for those who need them):

  1. Install Syck-library using your favorite package-manager (stable 0.55 version will do)

  2. svn export syck-php

  3. cd syck-php

  4. phpize

  5. ./configure

  6. make

  7. sudo make install

  8. add to your php.ini file

  9. restart apache or fastcgi processes