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Pake 1.4.0 Is Released


I just released new version of Pake.

Pake is a command line utility for executing predefined tasks, inspired by make. It is written in PHP and the tasks are also described in PHP. Pake can be used for compiling projects from different pieces, generating code, preprocessing templates and deploying projects.

If you know Phing, then Pake is a similar thing, but doesn’t use XML, is easier to use and faster.

Here’s the brief Changelog:

  • added “interactive mode” (pake -i)
  • new helper: pakeMercurial (in addition to pakeSubversion and pakeGit we already had)
  • updated sfYaml library
  • use copy+unlink instead of rename in pake_rename() to workaround problem of moving files between volumes
  • “pake compact” (developers-only) command works again
  • added explicit pakePearTask::package_pear_package($file, $target) method
  • fixed output-formatting (long texts in exceptions, etc.)
  • various packaging fixes

All Pake 1.x versions are compatible with php-5.2. Earlier versions might work, but those are not tested.

If you need automation tool for your project, then Pake might be exactly what you need.

Useful links: