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Syck 0.9.2


I’ve just released syck for php 0.9.2 (a parser and emitter of YAML documents. If you don’t know anything about YAML and why it is good: check my previous posts on the subject). A lot of new and tasty features ;)

First, and most important: a lot of stability and consistency fixes (previous release wasn’t properly dealing with some kinds of number-like strings and with mixed-keys arrays). This release is HIGHLY recommended to anyone who uses syck-php in production. I was using this version for several weeks as a server-to-server exchange format under heavy load and coudn’t be satisfied more.

I started to dive into object-serialization and unserialization topics. Any object which implements Serializable interface can be dumped into yaml-document now. It will be stored using !php/object::ClassName signature. And, of course, you would be able load the object afterwards. Important: at the moment of loading yaml-file, all of the classes mentioned in it have to be either declared, or be available to php’s autoload mechanism.

I also implemented loading of objects with !php/array::ClassName and !php/hash::ClassName signatures. These have to implement ArrayAccess interface. Unfortunately, I didn’t implement dumping of such objects yet. That is planned for the next releae.

As always, I am open to hear any of your comments and bug-reports.