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Some Things Which Happened While I Wasn't Blogging


Haiku OS reported on their Google Summer of Code results

Makes me think, that I should really-really get some old mac-mini and install Haiku on it. At least, I can program some fancy Jukebox out of it :) The World’s Oldest Source Code Repositories

Hey! I was only 1 year old, when they started to use version control! :-o

DSource: LLVM D Compiler

I love D language, I love LLVM — they make such a beautiful couple. Project is not complete, yet, but it already works for simple cases. Author needs any man-power he can get: spread the word, please.

Sam Ruby noticed CouchDB: Ascetic Database Architectures

It brought some more attention to CouchDB, which is really-really deserved. CouchDB is a document-oriented non-relational database written by Damien Katz and Jan Lehnardt in erlang, which has JSON, PHP and Ruby APIs (the number of APIs grows each day).

Opera released 3 public alpha-versions of their 9.5 series

Finally, Opera looks like a native application on mac. It is lightning fast with a new javascript-engine and heavily optimized UI code. I already use 9.5 on daily basis without problems, but your mileage may differ — it is an alpha-version, after all. Get it here

PHP 5.3 will have Late Static Binding

LSB will allow static methods to know about inheritance (to know, on which of the descendant-classes the method was actually called). Which means, that it will be possible to make a good-looking ActiveRecord implementation, after all these years.