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YAML: Syck for PHP Is Not Read-only Anymore


One more good news for you, YAML-users. :) I’ve implemented emitter functionality in php-binding of syck library. It is quite straight-forward, no fancy stuff for now, but it should work :)

Supported datatypes:

  • associative arrays

  • indexed arrays

  • strings

  • integers

  • floats

  • booleans

  • null

Objects are simply ignored now, though I am planning to add support for them later. See TODO for details.

Example, to give you idea:

$data = array(
  'items' => array(
    'item 1',
    'item 2'
  'count' => 2
echo syck_dump($data);

take a look at my previous yaml-post for installation instructions.

Let me know how this works for you :)

p.s. should I change the name of that function? :-/