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Lighttpd Package in Fink


I have my first package officially included in fink-unstable, today: lighttpd 1.4.13 (it might take several hours before this link will have information).

Feel free to test it and drop a comment to me :) If you are using unstable distribution, it should be as easy as:

fink selfupdate         [to get latest package definitions]
fink apropos lighttpd   [to list all lighttpd modules which are available]
fink install lighttpd   [to install lighttpd-server]

This will install and start up the server (if you don’t have some other webserver on port 80). You will be able to add any modules you need after that. I made separate packages for each of the officially-bundled modules + mod_GeoIP + mod_extforward. If you want more — just let me know.

Modules-configuration is made similiar to apache2 package. There is mods_available folder and there is mods_enabled folder. To enable the module, you just need to create a symlink.

The only piece of functionality which is not enabled is memcached support (in mod_cml and mod_trigger_b4_dl), as it requires an additional dependency which waits for validation by fink’s moderators.

I am thinking about adding some package to enable lighttpd+mod_fastcgi+php5 setup automatically, but I haven’t figured out how to make it “beautiful enough” :)

For now, php support can be added manually (see corresponding lighttpd docs)

p.s. Yes, I know that 1.4.15 is already out. Unfortunately, it takes some time to pass the initial validation. Updates would be faster, I hope :)