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Status Update


I am sorry for not blogging anything, lately. Basically I was too busy coding different stuff for money. ;)

Now, that I finally finished all the important stuff I will continue writing here. My main points of interest, for now, are:

  • PHP 5.2 (looking forward to speed optimizations, json and filter)

  • Pake

  • Symfony (I am currently involved in a symfony-based project)

  • Haskell (FP is applicable to web-stuff and is damn elegant)

p.s. (about Haskell…) I actually find myself, lately, insisting on the clean separation of logical part of web-application and IO stuff. The approach is similiar to the recently overhyped MVC paradigm. While such approach takes some effort to achieve in PHP, in the pure functional languages (such as Haskell) this distinction is more than natural. You do all the data-crunching and concatenation stuff in the first layer of your applpication and interact with outer world using the IO monad [FP]: Functional Programming [MVC]: Model View Controller